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Monday, 28 October 2013

Olivia Wilde Biography

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Date of Birth: 10 March 1984, New York City, New York, USA 
Birth Name: Olivia Jane Cockburn 
Height: 5' 7" (1.70 m) 

Mini Biography

Olivia Wilde was born Olivia Jane Cockburn in New York City. She was raised in Washington, D.C. and went to school there, as well as in Andover, Massachusetts, where she graduated in 2002. Her father, Andrew Cockburn, is Irish, giving her dual American and Irish nationality and facilitating her brief study at the Gaiety School of Acting in Dublin, Ireland. After appearing in the short-lived Fox television series "Skin" (2003), she made her Hollywood debut in The Girl Next Door (2004) and then came to public notice in "The O.C." (2003), but it was as Dr. Remy "Thirteen" Hadley in "House M.D." (2004) that she achieved international stardom. She has since starred or co-starred in the films TRON: Legacy (2010), Cowboys & Aliens (2011), In Time (2011), People Like Us (2012) and The Words (2012).

Personal life

Wilde has dual citizenship in the United States and Ireland. She derived her stage name "Wilde" from Irish author Oscar Wilde. She changed her surname while in high school, to honor the writers in her family, many of whom used pen names. She is a vegan, and was voted PETA's Hottest Vegetarian Celebrity of 2010


Wilde married Tao Ruspoli, an Italian filmmaker and musician, whose family owns a famed palazzo in Italy, on June 7, 2003, in Washington, Virginia, on a school bus with only a pair of witnesses, when she was nineteen years old. She later said the marriage occurred in an abandoned school bus because it was the only place where they could be completely alone, as the marriage was a secret at the time. On February 8, 2011, she and her husband announced that they were separating. Wilde filed for divorce in Los Angeles County Superior Court on March 3, 2011, citing "irreconcilable differences". The divorce was finalized on September 29, 2011. Wilde did not seek spousal support, and the pair reached a private agreement on property division
Wilde is currently engaged to actor and comedian Jason Sudeikis. Wilde confirmed the engagement on Twitter on January 13, 2013.

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